Gold Shield Training Center came about as a specific answer to a specific need. As the Security Guard Act of 1992 was established by the State of New York, it was realized that a shortage existed of qualified instructors who could provide the state mandated training. It was this challenge that we took on and faced. Gold Shield Training Center reached out to many companies employing security officers at the time and created an outlet for clients that would take the training burden off of unqualified individuals and allow their security forces to be trained by security professionals. It is this professional service that we have been providing our clients for over the past 15 years.

As you may already know, all security personnel are required to meet certain state requirements in order to work in the security industry. We at the Gold Shield Training Center are certain that we will meet all of your training needs. We guarantee that your security staff will be completely brought up to New York State training regulations, providing they are in compliance with the requirements of New York State.

Gold Shield Training Center offers a full spectrum of all state mandated training courses including the 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course and 16 Hour On-The-Job Training Course, all Peace Officer Training Courses, all Armed Security Officer Firearms Training Courses, and all other state required courses. All of the New York State Firearms Training Courses are held at a privately owned 9 point shooting range with certified firearms instructors, whom work in accordance with a full service firearms dealer. In addition, Gold Shield Training Center offers a wide variety of specialized training courses such as the NRA Course, Defensive Training, First Aid & CPR Training and much more. All of our instructors have extensive training in their expertise.