In order to become a security guard in New York State you must complete two training courses and submit an application to the New York State, Department of State. The first course that is required in the 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course. The second course is the 16 Hour On-the-Job Training Course. After you have obtained your security guard license, it is required to take an annual training course each year. Your security guard license is valid for two years then must be renewed with the New York State, Department of State.

8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course: This is a general introductory course. Guards are issued a certificate upon successful completion, which a copy of such must accompany the security guard’s application when submitted to the New York State, Department of State. Once the application is submitted, the guard has 90 days to complete the second training course, 16 Hour On-the Job Training Course.

16 Hour On-the-Job Training Course: This training program should be relevant to the guard’s duties, requirements of the work site, and the needs of the employer. This course is commonly given by schools even though it was designed for employers to provide on-the-job training. This course may be conducted in an approved classroom setting or at an approved work site, which is conductive to learning. New York State, Department of State requires that this course be completed within 90 days of employment as a security guard.

8 Hour Annual In-Service Training Course: This training course must be completed every year after you have obtained a security guard license. This program is designed to meet current training needs and refresh or update guards in changes in the security field. (This course should be done approximately one year from the date you took your 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course. Example: If your course date was 9/01/2018, you must complete your 8 Hour Annual In-Service Training Course by 9/01/2019.)

Security Guard License Renewal: The security guard license needs to be renewed every two years for a fee of $25.00, which is payable to New York State, Department of State. In order for your security guard license to renew, you must complete an 8 Hour Annual In-Service Training Course EACH year. If you skipped a year, you are required to complete two courses.

  • If your security guard license is close to the expiration date and you had not received the renewal form from the state, please contact the New York State Department of State at 518-474-7569 and request a renewal letter. Please note that when you have a change of address, you need to notify the state to inform them of your new address.
  • If your application to become a security guard is denied, you can appeal the decision by sending a request for a Formal Administrative Hearing.

47 Hour Firearms Training Course: NYS Security Guards who wish to become an armed security guard. After the guard has obtained a pistol permit, he/she can enroll into this course. This course includes seven hours of classroom instruction on the Use of Force (NYS Penal Law Art.35) followed by a written examination, and 40 hours on the firing range followed by weapons qualification.

8 Hour Annual Firearms Retrain Course: NYS Armed Security Guards must complete this course each year. This course includes three hours of classroom refresher on the Use of Force followed by a written examination, and five hours of weapons qualification which includes a proficiency examination.  We also offer this course as a combination with the H. R. 218 Training Course.



Basic Pistol Safety Course: This course is a great way for you to learn the basics of pistol shooting.  In New York State, it is required to complete this course to obtain your “Premise Only Pistol Permit.”  We offer two options for this course (Full Service, which includes application assistance, or Class Only).  The Basic Pistol Safety Course is not for the “carry concealed pistol permit.”

NYS Concealed Carry Firearm Safety Course: To obtain a “Carry Concealed Pistol Permit” in New York State, this 16-hour course is a requirement.  You will learn the basics of pistol shooting along with NYS laws.  In addition, students must successfully complete a 2-hour live fire range training course.  Once both classroom and live fire requirements are successfully completed, an applicant can apply for the “carry concealed pistol permit.”  We offer two options for this course (Full Service, which includes application assistance, or Class Only). 

Utah Carry Concealed Course: Holding a valid Utah Pistol Permit will allow you to carry your handgun in approximately 30 states. Full details on the reciprocity of states will be provided in class as well as application assistance, passport photos, fingerprints, notary services which is all completed on site in the same day.



NRA Range Safety Officer Course: The NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) program was developed in response to the demand for a nationally recognized range safety officer certification.  You must be 21 years of age to enroll into this course.  To pass the RSO course, you must demonstrate that you possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and range operations.  This course consists of RSO’s roles and responsibilities, range standard operating procedures, range inspection and range rules, firearm stoppages and malfunctions, and Range Safety Briefings which include procedures to follow in the case of an emergency.



Safety is first for personal and family well-being, and this is why you need first aid knowledge. It’ll leverage you to take care of any critical situation controlling limits for anyone in the family and neighbors.  You can save a life!  

First Aid, CPR, AED Training Course This American Red Cross CPR and First Aid class meets OSHA workplace requirements and teaches you to respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies for adults, how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), care for conscious and unconscious choking and First Aid including burns; cuts; head, neck and back injuries and more.

Stop the Bleed: By learning how to Stop the Bleed, you’ll gain the ability to recognize life-threatening bleeding and act quickly and effectively to control bleeding once you learn three quick techniques. You become empowered to make a life-or-death difference when a bleeding emergency happens.



H.R. 218 Training Course:  The Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act, which is also known as HR 218 (hereinafter “LEOSA”) was enacted on July 22, 2004 to extend active law enforcement officers and retired law enforcement officers the opportunity of carrying a concealed firearm in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. territories.  We also offer this course as a combination with the 8 Hour Annual Firearms Retrain Course to satisfy the NYS Armed Security Guard License.



Article 35 – Use of Force New York Penal Law, Article 35 defines when the use of force is legally justified in New York State.  It is what every civilian should have knowledge of, especially if you are a firearms owner.  This course deals with your responsibility to make proper decisions with regard to the “Use of Force” in NYS. The class is an open forum type of class where all questions are welcome. Understanding your responsibility and justification is the main focus in this class.