PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT CLASSES  WILL RESUME STARTING JUNE.  Please know all students MUST pre register for all classes on line as cash will not be accepted.  ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR MASKS and adhere to all new procedures relating to COVID-19.

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Defense Tactics


Handcuffing Training Course:
Although largely taken for granted, handcuffing techniques are the center point for many assaults on officers and much litigation concerning the use of force.  This course is designed to give the officer the necessary background to properly utilize handcuffs.  In this course you will learn the:


  • Care, inspection and disinfection of handcuffs

  • Tactical positioning

  • Proper application and release of handcuffs

  • Resistive subjects

  • Custody death syndrome

  • Handcuffing case law

  • Documenting uses of force

  • The use of student performance objectives in handcuffing training


OC Pepper Spray Training Course:
Oleoresin Capsicum, commonly called “Pepper Spray”, is a convenient aerosol spray that is used as a protection device.  When used before hands-on defense, there is less risk of injuries to all parties.  OC affects the skin, face, eyes, and respiratory system and is usually immediately debilitating. This court-defensible deterrent is reliable and has no long-term harmful effects on the recipient. OC is completely safe.  In this course you will learn to:


  • Identify the stages of conflict in order to: recognize the threat, reduce the threat, and determine how and when to use force.

  • Apply state-of-the-art tactical concepts such as: spraying techniques, disengagement, proper defensive positions, methods of movement, multiple opponent defense, and contact and cover system, defense against moving attacks, ground defense, and drawing techniques.

  • Avoid liability suits through: Certified training, understanding the effects of OC spray, identifying factors which justify OC use, and proper OC incident documentation.


ASP Tactical Training Course:
ASP Basic Certification training course is hands on course which teaches law enforcement officers and security officer’s alike Tactical Baton fundamentals in an operational setting.  This course is based on modern, court defensible police standards for less than lethal use of force.  The impact weapon techniques in all ASP Tactical Baton Programs are designed to meet three standards of training:


  • The techniques work on the street, not just in the ideal setting of a classroom

  • The techniques are court defensible and are backed by the nation’s most experienced force consultants

  • The program is administratively feasible for use in a contemporary law enforcement agency


All students must be sworn in law enforcement or correctional officer, federal or state licensed security officer, active military personnel.  Law abiding citizens may attend this course but are cautioned to research their local laws regarding civilian possession and use of these types of products.  Each attendee must be physically fit for duty and able to perform the physical skills associated with tactical applications with the use of these products.


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