PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT CLASSES  WILL RESUME STARTING JUNE.  Please know all students MUST pre register for all classes on line as cash will not be accepted.  ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR MASKS and adhere to all new procedures relating to COVID-19.

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Emergency Medical Training


First Aid Training Course
Instruction on the basic training on breathing emergencies, common injuries & sudden illnesses, including prevention of disease transmission.


CPR and First Aid Training Course
Basic life support skills to address airway, breathing, & cardiac emergencies in adults, children, & infants, including information on common injuries & sudden illnesses, & prevention of disease transmission.


CPR, First Aid and Automated External Defibrillation (AED) Training Course
Instruction on the basics from breathing and cardiac emergencies, to caring for bleeding, sudden illnesses, and injuries.  This program is ideal for community members, employees, and company emergency response teams.


* CPR, First Aid and AED Annual Retrain Course are also available.


Emergency Medical Technician Training Course
Designed for people who desire to help people and perform emergency medical care, this course enables certified graduates to join the ranks of Emergency Medical Service System.  The course combines both lecture and practical which prepare the participants to recognize the nature and seriousness of a patient illness or injuries, assess requirements for emergency medical care; administer appropriate care to stabilize a patient condition; handle patients in a way to minimize discomfort and further injury.  The course covers patient assessment, childbirth, cardiac arrest, airway management, etc.  Communication, transportation, recordkeeping and liaison with other emergency medical services are part of the program as well.  The course is taught in a job-related context, which includes rotations in an actual hospital emergency room and ambulance services.  All students will take a New York State Department of Health Emergency Medical Technician Certifying Exam.


EKG Training Course & Phlebotomy Course also available


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