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H.R. 218 Training


Police combat violent criminals every day, in every corner of the nation. These brave law enforcement professionals are issued firearms in recognition of the grave risks associated with this duty. Through training and experience, stepping in to save a citizen in distress often becomes second nature, on the job or off. There are countless incidents where off-duty and retired officers put themselves in jeopardy to save lives and stop violent crimes.


These professionals are entrusted with the public safety day-in and day-out, some with over 20 years of service wearing a badge. Yet some jurisdictions don’t trust them to carry a firearm the moment they are off the clock! In this age of terrorism, America has never faced a greater need to have more watchful eyes on the street – people with the skills, training and equipment necessary to stop a developing situation before it becomes a disaster.


It was with foresight to this need that Representative Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA) and The Law Enforcement Alliance of America’s (LEAA) Executive Director Jim Fotis co-authored H.R. 218 almost ten years ago. Cunningham and Fotis jointly recognized the immediate, no-cost benefit to the community of simply allowing trustworthy officers to carry a concealed firearm full-time.


The life-saving benefits extend to the officers as well. Unlike cops, criminals are “on duty” around the clock. Many have knowingly targeted police officers and their families, recognizing that the officer was likely to be unarmed at home.


March 2004: The Senate Votes 91-8 to Allow National Cop Carry!


The vital importance of this bill is no secret. On March 2nd, 2004, the U.S. Senate voted 91-8 in favor of Nationwide Police Concealed Carry and amended S.253 to S. 1805. Sadly, politics-as-usual won the day as S. 1805 was intentionally “poisoned” by anti-cop legislators who knowingly piled so many unacceptable “poison pill” amendments onto S. 1805 that it was ultimately withdrawn. But the truth lives on– Armed officers, on-duty or off, provide greater safety and security to themselves, their families and their communities.


July 2004: H.R. 218 Becomes Law


Recognizing the clear and immeasurable safety benefits to police officers, their families and communities, Congress passed H.R. 218 with an overwhelming majority and the bill was signed into law by President George W. Bush on July 22, 2004.


* This Information was taken from The Law Enforcement Alliance of America, Inc at


Upon completion of this course, Gold Shield Training Center issues students a Photo Identification Card confirming they have qualified under the H. R. 218 Law.


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