Cesar Pinero

Utah Conceal Carry Instructor
NYS DCJS General Topics & Armed Guard Instructor

Cesar Pinero is a Firearms Instructor in the following disciplines: Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun and is teaches Home Safety, Personal Protection in the home and out of the home. He is an active Member of the NRA as well as an active Member of Westchester County Firearms Owners Association. Mr. Pinero is a Certified Utah Concealed Carry Instructor and an Affiliate Instructor for the US Concealed Carry Association. Since 1997, he has been Certified by New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services as a General Topics Security Guard Instructor to conduct training for Security Officers. He is also certified to conduct the 40 Hour Enhanced Security Course. Mr. Pinero is EMT Certified and is certified by the American Red Cross to teach CPR/First Aid/AED. TiPS Certified Instructor (Traior Intervention Procedures)