PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT CLASSES  WILL RESUME STARTING JUNE.  Please know all students MUST pre register for all classes on line as cash will not be accepted.  ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR MASKS and adhere to all new procedures relating to COVID-19.

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NYS Hunter Education


In order to exercise your privilege to hunt, New York State mandates you successfully complete a Hunter Education Course that allows you to hunt with a long gun and a Bow Hunter Education Course so that you can go a field with a bow and hunt.


In the Hunter Safety Course, which is a minimum of 10 classroom hours to complete, you will be guided though the History, Purpose and Sponsors of Hunting as well as Firearms and Hunting Safety; Hunter Responsibility; Personal Preparedness; Wildlife Conservation; Hunting Opportunities and Specialty Hunting and Trapping.  You will also be made aware of all that is expected of you to be a responsible, ethical hunter so that this long respected tradition can continue for generations to come.  At the end of this course, you will be awarded a Hunter Education Certificate that grants you the ability to purchase your first New York State Hunting License.


In the Bow Hunter Education Course, which is a minimum of 8 classroom hours of instruction, you will learn material similar to Hunter Education Course, but how it relates to “Specialty” hunting with a Bow.  Though you are still hunting, with a Bow there are numerous limitations placed upon a hunter that you will see are common sense, but you must be made aware of them so that you can be considered a responsible, ethical hunter.  At the end of this course there is a 25 question multiple-choice examination.  Upon passing this exam, you will be permitted to purchase a Bow Hunting Stamp.


These courses are all Free of Charge and taught by Volunteer Instructors and are open to all that want to take them.  The only restrictions that are placed on the students is that they must be at least 12 years of age, or will turn 12 during the upcoming hunting season and they must attend all sessions of the individual course.


* Hunting & Fishing Licenses are available for purchase at our location


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