The team here goes above and beyond to make sure you understand the process of applying for the r/s permit and the pistol permit. I first applied in June of last year and Denine has been helping me with every step along the way, while keeping me up to date with process changes (NYC). Any question I had was answered in a timely manner via email, any documents I needed was provided and all steps were confirmed along the way.

Upon arriving to the 16 hour course, I was able to meet Deana in person and she pretty much embodies everything this business is all about. Vincent Manzione was our instructor and he provided a full on “no bs, this is what you need to know and hold yourself accountable to become well informed in NYC/S laws regarding gun ownership” class for day 1. Then day 2, we continued the education with Pierre Michael, providing us with the need to know tools/handling and safety procedures to make make sure we become the next batch of seriously responsible gun owners.

After that, I was able to sign on for the Live Fire Assessment with Cesar Pinero and Kevin Earnest. These instructors complemented the education from the previous instructors which only solidified my confidence in being able to handle a pistol and pass the exam. These instructors were approachable, informative and, beyond all, serious about the responsibility of gun ownership.

I’m at the final stages of my application, had my fingerprinting appointment completed today, and this couldn’t have been a smoother process without the team here. You can absolutely go through this road on your own but, being a resident of NYC, I highly recommend working with these fine folks here. The guidance and confidence is worth it and you’ll absolutely be in good hands with this team.